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Turning Compassion into Action.

Turning Compassion into Action.

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Because Every Action Matters.

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Rescue is the New Black. ®


Rescue is the New Black.®

Founded in 2013, Mr. Bones & Co., is an all-volunteer based 501(c)3 animal welfare non-profit supporting animal rescue and advocacy in our own backyard of New York City, as well as on a national and global level. We function as our own animal rescue via our One Lucky Pup rescue, rehabilitation and adoption program, but our mission extends well beyond this. MBC provides support to existing shelters and rescue groups via outreach initiatives including spay/neuter events, fundraising, adoption support and a drive to heighten public awareness about animal welfare. MBC also awards numerous grants each year for a variety of services; pet care and emergency assistance to low income families, adoption training to help harder to place dogs find homes, and assistance to selfless animal rescuers doing what they can on their own.

Our Signature Adoption Program

To fully grasp the challenges of animal rescue and better understand the needs of the organizations we assist, we also function as our own rescue via our signature adoption program, One Lucky Pup.

OLP includes a global outreach initiative that has rescued and rehabilitated stray dogs from the Bahamas and Iraq, and then successfully placed them in loving homes within the United States.

Leading By Example

Leading by example is a powerful tool. Teaching our children to respect animals sets the tone for the way they treat each other and builds the foundation for the type of adults they grow up to become. As adults, reminding each other that it is our obligation to help when we can opens the door for a chain of random acts of kindness that creates a much needed dialogue. The very basic notion of this concept of kindness is animal welfare.

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