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Beaker Bunny

Beaker Bunny

July 1, 2017 – BREAKING NEWS: WORLD’S CUTEST CHUNKY MONKEY PIBBLE TAKES CENTER STAGE. Introducing BEAKER BUNNY! If he looks familiar, it’s because he is. Found as a stray 14 months ago, he was brought to our city shelter, NYC ACC, and placed into their foster program. For the past year he has been living with a very dedicated foster mom, Becky, an avid animal welfare supporter, which is how we met them. BEAKER BUNNY has some very workable special needs (lack of confidence, shyness) that have made it difficult for him to be noticed in an overcrowded system. Our city shelter is inundated with animals in need of a home so we asked if we could pull this handsome boy into our rescue program and give him the spotlight – they said yes!

BEAKER BUNNY, almost two years, politley requests a calm home outside the city where there is only one, or no other pets as he gets easily overwhelmed by many pets at one time and shuts down. This well behaved pup knows his manners, is housebroken, neutered, microchipped and UTD on shots. While he is unsure of new situations and lacks some confidence, once he warms up (in just a few moments!) he pulls out all the stops with gentle kisses and some sweet requests for lap space. He’s a big boy, 75 lbs., and would love an owner who enjoys walks so they can jazzercise together!

Our Chunky Monkey, AKA the world’s most DASHING, SENSITIVE, RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE, Pibble, is availble for adoption in NY, NJ, CT, PA (other locations considered, within a 5 hour drive of NYC) Adoption application:

This Casanova is being fostered in Brooklyn, NY and can’t wait to meet you! For additional questions email

Rescue is the New Black.®

Molly Brown: ADOPTED!

Molly Brown: ADOPTED!

The Unsinkable Molly Brown had been waiting at a vets office for almost a year when our friends at Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, Salisbury NC​ met her and asked if we would consider her. This brindle and white beauty reminded us of Tater Tot 2.0, with her interesting English Bulldog body and American Pit Bull Terrier head. ❤️ Once she was fully assessed and ACED her behavioral evaluation we knew we could find her an incredible home!

Molly Brown is a hilarious and affectionate dog who is dog, cat and kid friendly. This little stunner is in foster care in NJ and loving her new suburban life and her toy Piggy! She will undergo a full orthopedic exam to determine what, if any, treatment she may need on her forelegs and eagerly awaits her forever home!
TaterTot: ADOPTED!

TaterTot: ADOPTED!

Update – Feb. 26, 207:  Ten days ago Tater Tot pushed his colon/rectal stent out, well before the time his specialists felt was a safe time to ensure his stricture would not return. Instead of keeping it in 6-8 weeks, he was only able to hold it in for 2 ½ weeks. He has a recheck and another ultrasound scheduled for this week. Pending this, we expect him to be ready for adoption around March 15.

Tater Tot behaves like a typical one-year-old puppy – he is playful, silly and loves other dogs and people. He will likely always have gastrointestinal issues and will need to remain on a prescription low-res (low fat) diet throughout his life, which his adopter will need to follow carefully. He does like to chew/eat things he shouldn’t so his adopter will need to be vigilant. Because his colon is already compromised ingesting a foreign body can be deadly to him, more so than it would be to a dog with a normal GI system.

Currently, TT is pooping in small increments about ten throughout the day and 2-3 times at night. He strains to go so it is obvious when he is going. While he is no longer leaking and shows no signs of fecal incontinence, he will be a housebreaking challenge because of how often he releases his bowels and he can be stubborn. It is unknown if his colon will recover enough so that he can poop with less frequency.

From what we can tell, it appears TT was never trained so his adopter will need to be prepared to work on him with training. He knows “sit” and is learning “stay”, “wait” and the “touch” redirect, but his attention span is challenging. He may have some cognitive impairments because of what we suspect was irresponsible backyard breeding, likely inbreeding. We require all adopters of dogs 12 months and under to complete a group socialization/training course led by an accredited training, that must begin within 45 days of adoption.

TATER TOT’S IDEAL HOME: Our little gray potato will need a home capable of affording regular checkups and specialist appointments with his care team at the Animal Medical Center in NYC, or another veterinary specialist hospital. It’s important to note pet insurance will likely not cover any continued or new GI issues as they will be considered pre-existing. Because his case is so unique his adopters will need to have access to specialists and be willing and able to afford the costs. He will likely always have a narrow (strictured) colon so his adopter(s) must be willing to learn about his needs, follow his plan of care and be committed to understanding when/if there is a potential problem.

Tater Tot’s best home should have an adult who is home more often than not, and one that is patient and understands that everyone poops! 💩 While these are the most extensive adoption requirements we have ever put into place for a dog, the nature of his case warrants serious consideration on whether applicants have the time, financial means and desire to take him on.

Tater Tot is a fighter, he is resilient and he wants to live. We project his recovery to be continual and for him to resume a more normal life over time, but this is not something we can guarantee. If you’ve made it this far and still want to apply to adopt him, we look forward to hearing from you! For questions, please email

Update – Feb. 8. 2017: TATER TOT has successfully recovered from a second septic abdomen surgery and is now known as “The Miracle Dog!” He had a stent placed placed in his colon and in 6-8 weeks, when it is removed, we will better understand the scope of his care needs and will be able to determine what his best forever home will be. Thank you for your patience!


Tater Tot was found tied to a pole in Manhattan on New Years Eve. He was suffering from a severely prolapsed rectum. We scooped him up from our city shelter on New Years Day and immediately rushed him to our emergency animal hospital, The Animal Medical Center, where we he underwent a purse string surgery to put his rectum back inside his body. An ultrasound the following morning revealed internal trauma. He was kept for observation as he continued to spike fevers. On his seventh day of hospitalization a perforation was discovered via a third ultrasound and he underwent emergency surgery to treat his septic abdomen, including the removal of two inches of his colon.

After 12 days, this brave, resilient little Pit Bull was released from the hospital on Jan. 12. He is currently in foster care where he will recover, then be thoroughly evaluated for behavior and temperament in order for us to determine his best home. You can read more about his rescue on New Years Day via our friends at The Dodo here.

Tater Tot is estimated to be 10-12 months old and is approximately 30lbs. He will have ongoing medical needs throughout his life and this will be an important part of finding his adoptive home. We will begin going through adoption applications beginning the week of Jan. 23 and we will update his profile accordingly.



Calvin joins our One Lucky Pup rescue program from Corridor Rescue in Houston, TX, who found this very special and vulnerable boy on the streets in November 2016. He was dumped on the outskirts of town and found living in a storage yard for junk and heavy equipment. A local foster took him and we agreed accepted him into our program in mid-December 2016. He traveled from TX to NY, arriving on Dec. 17th and going into a foster home in NJ.

Calvin is about a year old, 50lbs., neutered and vaccinated. He gets along well with the dogs, ignores cats and loves people. He’s a real catch, very sweet and affectionate! To adopt this beauty, apply online here.

Princess Grace: ADOPTED!

Princess Grace: ADOPTED!

PRINCESS GRACE is a heartbreaking case with a fairy tale ending. Found tied to a fence by Good Samaritans, Grace was victim of a vicious and ongoing attack by another dog(s). After we were tagged in a social media post shared moments after she was found and asked if we could help, we met this dog within an hour and immediately made the decision to take her into our One Lucky Pup rescue, rehabilitation and adoption program, taking her right away to our emergency animal hospital, the Animal Medical Center, in Manhattan.

After a successful surgery to repair her face and jowl, and a week in the hospital with plenty of visits so that we could continue to get to know her and understand her temperament and what type of home she would be best suited for, Grace was discharged. We picked her up and placed her with one of our dedicated foster homes in Brooklyn where we worked with her for three weeks to rehabilitate her and get her adoption-ready. We work very hard for the dogs in our program and her recovery has been nothing short of remarkable, as illustrated by her portrait session, courtesy of Sophie Gamand Photography.

Gracie, affectionate with people, and dog and kid friendly, is estimated to be two-years-old, approximately 60lbs., Gracie is as gentle, obedient and smart as they come!

UPDATE: We found Gracie an incredible home with new mama, Tanya, and she is now living the good life in Manhattan!