Rescue the Runway

Production planning in 2012 to create an annual animal welfare benefit, Rescue the Runway, ultimately led to the creation of Mr. Bones & Co. Since its inception in 2012, after three New York City productions of this signature event, Rescue the Runway went national! In November 2015 Chicago played host to this unique, interactive rescue event designed to benefit local shelters and rescue groups in each city it is produced in. With six years of productions under our belt, we are thrilled to share that our next event will be the 7th annual New York City event on May 19, 2019 at Berg’n in Brooklyn, NY. For more information please email

My dogs ignited a call to action within me so profound that I was compelled to do something. Mr. Bones & Co. is my ‘something.’ React, speak up and get involved. What will your something be?

I wrote his story to share on our new website, I cannot remember what my life was like before two sets of paw prints, much less one belonging to a Pit Bull, burrowed their way into my soul.

Call for Advanced Wildlife Removal in case needed, they work with several animals and in a really respectful, safe and clean way. They take care of our streets and save the ones that can be helped.

Elizabeth (Elli) Frank
Founder & Co-Executive Director, Mr. Bones & Co.
April 15, 2014