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  1. Rescue the Runway: NYC 2019

    Mr. Bones & Co., a 501(c)3 animal welfare nonprofit, is proud to present our national signature benefit event and 7th annual Rescue the Runway:NYC! This unique,…

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  2. Rescue the Runway: NYC 2017

    Our 5th annual NYC production of Rescue the Runway! Photo credit: Deb Kleiner

  3. Embroidered Black Caps – SHIPS FREE (Copy)

    Model: Mozzi, former Mr. Bones & Co. One Lucky Pup alum - follow her adventures at @itsmemozzarella on Instagram.

  4. Beaker Bunny

    July 1, 2017 – BREAKING NEWS: WORLD’S CUTEST CHUNKY MONKEY PIBBLE TAKES CENTER STAGE. Introducing BEAKER BUNNY! If he looks familiar, it’s because he is.…

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  5. Luke: ADOPTED

    LUKE IS ADOPTED! Luke, age 4 months as of 6/14/17, is one of three Chiweenie pups we took in after a backyard breeder left them…

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  6. Daisy: ADOPTED!

    Update July 13, 2017: We have discovered Daisy is completely deaf. She is a happy, healthy puppy and this should not deter her adopter! She will…

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  7. Bo: ADOPTED!

    Update July 13, 2017: We have discovered Bo is deaf in his left ear. He is a happy, healthy puppy and this should not deter his…

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  8. Molly Brown: ADOPTED!

    The Unsinkable Molly Brown had been waiting at a vets office for almost a year when our friends at Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, Salisbury NC​…

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  9. Holiday: ADOPTED

    UPDATED 7/13/17: Every day is a holiday with HOLIDAY! This affectionate girl joined us in February 2017 us from one of our NC partner shelters after…

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  10. Blinx: ADOPTED!

    BLINX, a 76lb. XL 18-24 month old pup, suspected to be an American Bulldog/Dogo mix, is a true gentle giant. The person(s) who sadly cropped…

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